Ettore Germano

Winemakers since 1856, the Germano family owns 15 hectares split in two locations:

  • 10 hectares in Serralunga d’Alba producing red wines including 4 crus of Barolo;
  • 5 hectares in Ceglie’ dedicated to white wines, including Hérzu, a very floral Riesling.

The Ettore Germano winery is currently owned by Sergio Germano, a winemaker who strongly respects his terroir. After completing six years of study at a school of oenology in Switzerland, Sergio approaches traditional winemaking with a scientific twist. He aims at improving the wine quality using modern techniques such as micro-oxygenation and must concentration whilst respecting ancient traditions.

In accordance with his father philosophy, Sergio takes very special care in the vineyards: he keeps the stumps in good health without use of any pesticides.

Sergio can proudly be called a winemaker who promotes the respect of the territory, protecting its biodiversity and avoiding mass production.