Gianfranco Daino

In the very heart of Sicily, between the plains of Gela and Catania, lies the city of Caltagirone. This province gave birth to Suber, a wine made from an indigenous grape variety of Nero d’Avola, Frappato and Granache.

Daino estate spreads over 6.5 hectares of natural beauty where the local Nero d’Avola, Alicante (Grenache) and Frappato grapes are organically grown. The most peculiar characteristic of Daino estate is its terroir. Suber grapes breathe in the natural atmosphere of the Bosco di Santo Pietro. A profusion of majestic, ancient cork oaks (Quercus Suber) makes this the best woodland of Caltagirone district. The cork oaks together with venerable holm oaks and contorted downy oaks envelop the landscape in a calming silence.

Traditional vine cultivation techniques are combined with a vinification process using the latest technology to produce a wine of quality.  The estate is a member of I Vignieri Consortium founded by the famous Sicilian oenologist and agronomist Salvo Foti. I Vigneri are involved in the cultivation as they are extremely skilled in alberello, a traditional Sicilian vine training system.

Gianfranco significant dedication and passion gave Daino estate great recognition, culminating with Slow Food Association award as Italian Best Sustainable Winegrower in 2015.