Vigneto Saetti

The Vigneto Saetti winery is a family-owned business founded in 1998 by Luciano Saetti whose family has been growing wine grapes the traditional way for generations.
The vineyard, located in the Santa Croce appellation zone in the province of Modena covers 2.8 hectares of specialized land registered with the Italian Organic Agriculture Association.
The vineyard was originally planted in 1964. Over the years the family has improved their techniques of cultivation to reach a main objective: enhancing the vineyard natural organic harmony.
Luciano cultivates his vineyards without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Even to this day, the harvest is done manually and each and every grape is carefully inspected. As such only the healthiest and wholesome grapes are fermented in the cellar without any sulphite additives.
Growing grapes and producing wine without the addition of sulphur dioxide requires constant care and commitment. This is Luciano distinctive characteristic from the all the other winemakers.
All of the Vigneto Saetti wines unleash fragrances and flavours evoking the time-honoured traditions and display the sincere notes of wines totally free of chemicals.