La Raia

La Raia is a fairly young project started in 2003 in the gentle hills of Gavi, in southern Piedmont.

La Raia takes a holistic approach to winemaking and aims at creating a balanced and harmonious place in all aspects: agricultural, architectural, social and cultural.

Since the beginning of their adventure, La Raia winemakers have been applying the principles of biodynamic viticulture to restore the original features of this terroir where the indigenous Cortese vines have been growing for centuries.

The estate extends over 180 hectares, including 42 hectares of vineyards and 60 hectares of fields. The remaining 78 hectares are pastures where chestnut, elderflower and acacia woodlands. The indigenous Cortese and Barbera vines are planted in clay limestone soil, with a density of 4.500 vines per hectare and an age ranging varying from 9 to 70 years.

La Raia do not use and chemical pesticides and fertilizers for the cultivation of the grapes. The plants are treated with two different preparations: the horn manure and the horn silica. Subsequently, moderate quantities of cave sulphur and copper sprayed during specific periods of the year.

This method cultivation has an extremely beneficial impact on the quality of the grapes and crops. La Raia produces our Gavi, and to best preserve the authenticity of their wines, the whole productive process is aimed at dispensing with oenological products. This is possible also thanks to the innovative technologies their winery is equipped with.