Porta del Vento

Porta del Vento wine estate is situated at 600 metres above sea level, in a valley forming part of the Valdibella (Camporeale) in the Alcamo and Monreale DOC appellation areas. The winery now spreads over 18 hectares of light sandy soil resting above a limestone crust.

Since he started the winery, Marco Sferlazzo has implemented the principles of traditional and manual cultivation: no chemical weed, pest control products or fertilisers are used. Marco philosophy is to understand the terroir and preserve the biodiversity of its land.

Porta del Vento adopted the alberello, a traditional vine training system for plants aged fifty years old producing Catarratto, Perricone and Nero d’Avola.

To enhance the characteristics of the terroir, plants have been aligned in rows along the steep slopes of the estate with northwards orientation. Other than giving a stunning scenery, this alignment protects plants from the extreme Sicilian summer sun.

Porta del Vento grapes are certified organic. Sulphur and copper based products are sprayed on the plants hence avoiding the accumulation of chemical substances in the soil.  Once hand-picked, the grapes are collected in boxes and taken immediately to the estate wine cellar for the fermentation process. The wines are not filtered so as to preserve the elements that make them truly unique.