Valentina Cubi

Tradition, respect for the environment and terroir are the key words of Valentina Cubi philosophy. The winery is located between Fumane San Pietro in Cariano and Verona and spreads over 13 hectares.

The organic certification of the estate began with 3 hectares in 2010 and has been extended to the entire estate in 2014. Only vegetal compost (no animal manure) is added to the soils thus avoiding nitrogen and potassium. During the autumn, gramineae such as wild oats are planted to aerate the soil and increase micro organic activity, stimulating the vines to develop deep rootstocks.

The wines produced by Valentina Cubi are true expressions of Valpolicella terroir. Interestingly, wine experts and journalists often mention that Valentina Cubi wines are reminiscent of Burgundy wines for their harmony and freshness, without frills or superstructures.